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Obverse of United States one dollar bill, series 2003. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recently they built a Dollar Tree across the street from me and I was shocked at the amount of stuff that you can get there so I have compiled a list of things that I have picked up for prepping there.


Glow sticks 5”

Glow sticks 14” – Glow sticks are great to stash around the house in case you have power outages and need light quick, also really fun for the kids in camping

Reusable plastic plates – I like to have non-breakable plates and glass ware to have to store away also as part of my camping equipment

Reusable plastic cups

Coloring books


Playing cards

Kid’s games – I stock up on this stuff in case of power outages or serious emergencies I want to have things for my son and I to do to keep our minds occupied

Potted meats .50 ea

Large packages tuna

Large one serving noodle bowls – I take these, open them up put all the contents in a vacuum seal bag and seal it up.

20 pack miscellaneous sewing needles

Emergency Candles

Lamp Oil

Small zippered camera case – makes a great little container for small tools, sutures, sewing kit

Package 10 1 gallon freezer bags

16 Oz Aluminum drinking water bottle with screw top – great for storing lamp oil or d-natured alcohol

Various plastic containers – great for storage

Garbage bags – black

Garbage bags – white

There are lots of doodads, hoo-ha’s, and knick knacks that can be used for all sorts of purposes.


As always keep in mind that you don’t have to spend a lot tin order to get yourself ready for whatever might happen. Keep it up you are doing good!



The Basics # 3

Besides disrupting transportation, heavy ice a...

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The Stuff: This is a broad category and I am not going to list everything that you might need, I want to stimulate you into thinking about what stuff YOU need.   

So let’s say it is winter, an ice storm has ripped down the power lines to your home your power is going to be off for a few days at least what might you need?

Well first and foremost we know that we already have a weeks worth’s of water and food, but what might we need beyond that? Candles, extra blankets, some way to cook your food if your range is an electric, a heater, some entertainment, how about a battery powered radio, flashlights, fresh batteries, or toilet paper. The lists can go on and on the main thought here is take a few minutes and think about what might happen if you lost power for a few days?

What about your vehicle? When was the last time you looked to see if your spare had enough air pressure, is it a full sized or the factory doughnut, do you have a jack to change that tire, do you know how to change that tire, how about a working flashlight, or flares?

Here is where my friends usually tell me that I am going overboard and that I can’t prepare for everything that might happen to me. I agree with them, I can’t possible have everything that I might need for everything that might happen to me. But I can have a good supply of general things that can take me a LONG way toward getting thought those emergencies/rough situations that might occur.

So Jeff, you say, your blog is Poor Man’s Prepper, but you’re sending me off with a list of stuff to buy, what’s up with that???

Well I shop on the cheap, Goodwill, Salvation Army, garage sales, Craig’s List, The Dollar Store are all great places to start picking up stuff on the cheap, oh and by the way don’t forget YOUR garage, closet and other forgotten areas. Most people have a good stock of emergency stuff placed all over their home, but do you know exactly where? Get in there find it dust it off make sure it works and keep Prepping!!!