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Dandelion (Photo credit: james.thompson)

Lurking in your yard and in your garden there is a weed that is reviled across the nation as one of the most insidious pests to ever poke its head through the soil of yard or garden. It has spawned a legion of weed pulling devises, lawn treatments and flat out poisons to try to eradicate it. But even with armies of people aggressively trying to concur it, this tenacious weed has refused to be controlled, refused to surrender, it has beaten us as a race and it stands proud in it’s weedyness.

So why do I your humble poormansprepper, set finger to keyboard to tell you about this worthless little rapscallion of a plant? What does this weed have anything to do about being prepared? Why oh why Jeff are you returning after so long to tell us something that we already know, Dandelions such and they are heard to rid our gardens of? Let me answer that by running down some statistics for you


According to http://nutritiondata.self.com/facts/vegetables-and-vegetable-products/2441/2

1 cup of Dandelion greens has

Vitamin A 112%

Vitamin C 32%

Vitamin E (Alpha Tocopherol) 9%

Vitamin K 535%

Thiamin 7%

Riboflavin 8%

Niacin 2%

Vitamin B6 7%

Folate 4%

Oh Wait you say I already have vitamin supplements, well then what about minerals???


Calcium 10%

Iron 9%

Magnesium 5%

Phosphorus 4%

Potassium 6%

Sodium 2%

Zinc 2%

Copper 5%

Manganese 9%

For those of you that keep score that is better than Popeye’s favorite can of spinach.

You can cook them (like you would spinach) or have them in your best salad mix. And I am told that the cleaned and roasted roots make a passable coffee substitute.

Now that you are completely sold on the greens green, a few words of caution

1) Always make sure that you know FOR SURE that you are eating Dandelions

2) Make sure that where ever you are getting them from that they have not been treated with pesticides.

I have included several links to pages that I use that have been written by people far smarter that I am.



So go out, have fun, freak your kids out and eat a weed, it just might be good for you .



SAN DIEGO (June 15, 2007) - Sailors take turns...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You can read lots of prepper sites, and there is a lot of great information out there, but by in large there is one topic that is not addressed. This is the topic that haunts my life, the one that sneaks up in the middle for the night and rears its ugly head with fears and night sweats! What is this topic that people refuse to mention, what is this prep that strikes fear into the hearts of couch potatoes everywhere?


I want to be as honest as possible in this blog of mine because I believe that only by being honest with you will I be able to affect change in you the reader and in me the writer. I am 6’2” and I currently weight 310 lbs, I have been fit in my life before, but currently I am the most out of shape I have been in my 42.5 years. I am they guy that when I tell people my weight they are shocked telling me that I carry it well, I am a “big guy” but that doesn’t change the fact that I am FAT and at least 80 lbs overweight. The reasons for this is a 40 hour a week desk job, being a single father and plain old laziness the latter being the biggest reason of all. I tell you this so that you know where I am coming from, so that you can know that I know what I am talking about when I say I know how hard it is going to be in the weeks and months ahead. I am putting forth a challenge to myself and I am hoping to challenge those of you that need to be challenged also.

So as of today I am making the decision to get into better shape than I am in now. Am I going to ever run a marathon or compete in the iron man? No. But I want to be able to do the things that could be required of me, I want my knees to not hurt I want to be able to keep up with my son. I would like to be able to get my body back to the point where I could walk 15 miles and not be in agony to do it. Being a prepper I know that there is a time coming that I will need my body to work right, for my engine to fire on all pistons. What if there was an earthquake and I needed to haul water the mile or so from the river by hand? What if there was a situation where I would need to carry my son along with my backpack and travel miles upon mile on foot, or I might need to spend the day chopping wood so that I can heat my home.

So what is the game plan? Well I am going to start tonight, tonight I am starting with stretching (I have lost a TON of flexibility in the last 5 years) 20 sit ups, and 20 minutes of stair stepping up. I know this is not the fitness regime that will peal the weight off of my body at the swiftness rate but it is a start!

So I am starting what are you going to do? Truly I would like to know…..

Yours in Honesty