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A Day of Memorial

  1. me·mo·ri·al/məˈmôrēəl/
  1. Something, esp. a structure that reminds people of a person or event.
  3. Intended to commemorate someone or something: “a memorial service in the dead man’s honor”.


U.S. Flag

Today is a day to commemorate all of those men and women that have given their lives for their country. They have died in deserts, swamps, fields, mountains, plains, jungles, beaches, in the air and on the seas. Some have died alone others have died in the arms of their comrades all far from home, in places they have never heard of, in causes they might or might not understand. Some have been old most were young, in the prime of their lives; they were cut down like young shoots of grass before the reapers scythe. Not all of them died for the belief that they could secure freedom for future generations no, they fought for God, for county, they fought for their buddy that was beside them, their comrade in arms, their brothers and sisters.

Let us not forget the mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends, sons and daughters that have lost those that they loved. Never forget those who have given, who have buried their young men and women, who have grieved for years with nothing to burry at all.

On this day we honor all of the fallen and those who loved them. I encourage you to actually take time today and consider the cost of your freedom. I am not talking about a moment of silence; I am talking about many moments of silence. I am talking about calling a friend or family member that has lost someone; I can almost guarantee that you know someone who has, and thanking them. I am talking about sitting your children down and explaining the meaning of this day, explaining what sacrifices have been made for them. Take time put down your beer, turn off the radio and T.V. and really think about what today means think of the blood that has flowed for your country, your state, your town your street, and for you. Make today a Memorial for the heroes and heroines that have built this country with the building blocks of their lives.




Sunday (Photo credit: ex.libris)

We in the prepper community, I think, suffer from doer syndrome, the constant need to be going or doing something at all times. We are canning, drying, planting, practicing, planning, reading, stacking, un-stacking, organizing, making lists, and stacking again. We are shooting, reloading, hiking, camping, buying, couponing, raising kids, and clearing fields of fire.

We have trouble my friend, right here in prepper city, trouble with a capitol T that rhymes with D and that stands for DOER!!!!

Well my friends, you need to rest! Yes that is right I said rest, and no I am not talking about getting in your 6 hours a night. I am talking about taking 24 hours and relaxing, not taking the kids anywhere, just stop moving for awhile. Hold your wife’s hand, go for a stroll, read your kid a book, take a Sunday drive in the country, have the whole family make a meal together and then sit down without the T.V. and eat it. For an entire 24 hours, this next one is the hard part….do that every week, yes every week.

You will find that if you rest for an entire 24 hours every week that the rest of your week will be even more productive. What is that…..? Why yes I am glad that you know that, yes this is a biblical principal. God, Himself, rested on the sixth day why shouldn’t you? Oh and for those that might think that this is not that big a deal take a look at the 4th commandment.

Even if you are not a bible person it still works, give your brain a day to turn off your body a day to relax once a week and you will find yourself getting more done on the days that you do work, In fact try it for a month and let me know if it doesn’t work out that way.





Bug Out Bag - currently

Bug Out Bag - currently (Photo credit: Steven Vance)

My father met my mother after he got out of the Marine Corps at the end of WWII they were soon married and living in a small apartment complex while my father went to college to attain a degree in psychology with a minor in sociology. One night they were awoken by the cry of fire and they jumped out of bed rushed out of the building and watched as the fire department of Colorado Springs Colorado put out the aforementioned conflagration.  Fortunately their pastor and his wife, who live a few blocks away, were able to put them up for the night and give them clothes to wear until they were able to get back into their place and get their cloths. They were fortunate they did not lose anything important they only had to clean the smoke smell out of their clothes.

What a sweet story Jeff, I am so glad that your parents were unharmed and were able to go on to produce a fine man such as yourself,  but what does that have to do with anything and who is this Bob you’re talking about?

Bob is an acronym that stands for Bug Out Bag or Bail Out Bag, the term B.O.B. is used within the prepper community. The basic idea of a B.O.B. is a backpack packed and ready to go placed in a convenient area so that you could literally just pick it up and go at a moment’s notice. My backpack is set up as if I was going camping, it has 7days worth of food, clothes, sleeping bag, tarps (instead of tents), lightweight cooking gear, bible, money, flashlights, and other miscellaneous doodads and hoo-ha’s. I also have a smaller version for my son, with changes of clothes game etc.

How far will your B.O.B. be going? There are many in these communities that think that they will be grabbing their B.O.B., head for the hills and never look back. Or their B.O.B. is getting them to their country retreat locations (more on this in later posts). I look at it in a slightly different way, I am less concerned with having to permanently leave my home and becoming Grizzly Adams, I look at it in the light of my parent’s experience. Having something to grab on the way out of a burning building or earthquake that will give me a few essentials that I will need like shoes a jacket etc. Imagine standing outside of your home in your pajamas with your family, cold no shoes, as you watch all of your stuff go up in flames. Now imagine that there is no one there to help you out…..I prefer to be ready with my friend Bob.