Deutsch: Amische Waescheleine English: Amish c...

Deutsch: Amische Waescheleine English: Amish clothesline (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Good Morning Every One


Sorry I haven’t posted in over a week, it has been really busy at work. I am working on a new post, should be us soon. But I wanted to hit you up with another thought/question. Living in the Pacific N.W. I have never been exposed much to the Amish, but I was wondering if any of you have? Specifically I think that there would be an incredible amount of information to be gained. In effect we prep for situations that would put us right where they live i.e. no power, living off the land, etc.

So anyone out there know anything about the Amish, their life style, things that we could learn from them?


Looking forward to hearing from you