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The Mindset: Ok maybe this should have been number one on the list of the basics, chalk it up to poor bloggers planning, but this is actually a critical component to your prepping. So what am I talking about what is this prepping mentality of which you speak?

Well dear reader it is a way of looking at life and situations and putting a plan in place BEFORE you are up a creek and find yourself with no means of propulsion.

Let’s say that there is an emergency, we will call this one a flash flood, you are at work your spouse is shopping and your teenage son just got out of high school. Your problem is that 2 of you can’t get home because of the flash flood, and to make matters worse the cell phones are jammed due to all the people trying to contact each other.  If you had a prepper mindset you would know that your spouse and child l know to meet up at your brothers home if anything happens, you also know that each of them has with them a couple of granola bars and at least 1 large water bottle each.

Maybe it is not even that extreme, maybe you and your teenage son went for a nice long parent child wilderness hike, you are a bit out of shape and you got caught out of doors off trail and it is starting to get dark. Since you are a prepper you have a small backpack with some food, water, an emergency blanket, flashlights, and at least 2 people know where you are and also know that it has been 45 min since you were supposed to check in and at this moment they are calling the local authorities to report what is happening.

The prepper mindset can even be simpler than that, the Kroger’s in your area is running a special, and 10 selected items for 10 dollars. You’re a Prepper and better yet you are a cheap prepper you go down and snap up 30 dollars worth of beans and soups for your pantry and save a bundle on your grocery bill for the next month.

Hopefully you are picking up what I am putting down. The prepper mindset like insurance, it is no good to you unless you have it BEFORE something happens to you. What things can you do to make sure that you are prepared for things that might occur to you and your family?

So now you have what I consider the basics, there is lots more but this is the core of it, the germ from which your mighty oak tree of readiness will grow.

Don’t stress out just keep up the little steps they are adding up.