I am Jeff single father of a 5 ½ year old son, I am an average guy in an average job just getting by, by the skin of my teeth, and I am a prepper.

 What is a prepper you ask?

 By my definition a prepper is someone who tries, as best they can, to put themselves in a position to be ready for any emergency that might occur by gathering knowledge and having resources on hand to deal with said emergencies. Those emergencies might be as personal as the loss of a loved one or job to natural disasters, up to total economic collapse of the country.

 Most of the preppers that I know are not, paranoid, constantly worried people who run to the hills to hide from life. They are people who want to take control of their life and fortunes and be ready for whatever unexpected things that might happen to them. By preparing themselves for the unexpected they are actually removing the worry from their lives.

 So what is Poor Man’s Prepper?

Poor Man’s Prepper is just a blog about how to ready yourself for emergencies and unexpected eventualities that might happen without spending a fortune or breaking the bank.